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The Correct Order to Apply Your Skincare (From the Pros)

With so many different skincare products available, sometimes it’s confusing to figure out the correct order to apply. It can be daunting reading article after article trying to find the answer. That's why we’re here to help give you the correct order of skincare application, straight from our very own skincare formulation chemist, Nicole Ho. As an added bonus, we’ll give you some pro tips to help give you your best results possible, in as little time as possible–because life is too short for complicated skincare routines.

At FACTORFIVE, we believe that less is more. With our three-step skincare system, you will be glowing in no time (goodbye, products that don’t work and hello, shelf space!). Because our skincare products use adipose-derived stem cell growth factors (reminder: growth factors are what help keep your skin looking young and beautiful), our formulations are perfect for all skin types, including mature. Well, let’s get to it!


After cleansing your skin...

1. First up: Eye/Lash Cream

Surprise! Eye/lash cream before serum?? Yep! You read that correctly. Because our regenerative serum contains vitamin C, it can be slightly irritating to a select few users if it gets into the eye area. We also recommend applying eye cream first because then your delicate eye area is covered, and you can concentrate applying your other products (i.e. serum and cream) around the other areas of your face.

How to Apply: Using your ring finger, gently spread a thin layer of cream (a pea-sized amount) around the eye area. Start at the corner of your eyes and work your way to the under eye area. Then, apply cream to the upper lash line and brow area where thickening is desired.

Pro tip: Throw it in the fridge for a few minutes beforehand! If you haven't done this yet, TRY IT! It feels amazing. The coolness will also give an extra boost to decrease the look of puffiness and under eye circles.

2. Next up: Regenerative Serum

Next up is our award-winning regenerative serum. It is the only growth factor serum on the market with human stem cell conditioned media listed as its first ingredient, so you know that it is packed with the best ingredients possible for your skin.

How to Apply: After cleansing, apply one pump of serum gently over your face, neck, and décolleté morning and night.

Pro tip: Don't dry your face after cleansing! Leaving at least a little bit of water on your face will help the hyaluronic acid cling to water molecules, resulting in optimal hydration, as well as making it easier to spread the product around (AKA more bang for your buck!). We've also gotten feedback that this dramatically increases results.

3. Looking for a lash/brow boost? Try our Lash/Brow Growth Serum

While this step is totally optional, if you’re looking for a little boost to your lashes and brows, try our latest release: lash/brow growth serum

How to apply: After applying the regenerative serum, apply a few short strokes of lash/brow serum onto the upper lash line and each eyebrow where growth is desired.

Pro tip: Let the growth serum dry completely! Take a couple of minutes to brush your teeth or get coffee brewing while this product dries, as it takes the longest out of all our products to dry. This will also give the regenerative serum time to dry and absorb.

We do not recommend using this product on the lower lash line, as that’s a sure way to get the product into your eyes and may cause irritation.

4. Time to hydrate: Anti-Aging Cream

Time to lock-in all those skin-loving ingredients and get a little hydration to your skin. Our anti-aging cream is formulated to ensure that all of the ingredients you just applied stay put, penetrate the skin, and even discourage external factors like dirt and sweat from upsetting the process. Our anti-aging cream contains an array of moisturizing ingredients, leaving you with soft, supple skin.

How to apply: After the regenerative serum has had a chance to dry, apply one pump of cream gently over your face, neck, and décolleté.

Pro tip: Wipe any excess over the top of your hands and rejoice in beautiful, hydrated hands!

5. Last but NEVER least: APPLY SPF

We have gotten this question a few times: Can I use SPF / sunscreen with FACTORFIVE? The answer is an unequivocal, resounding YES! And you should! Every. Single. Day.

FAQ: Cleansers & SPF

While we do not currently sell a cleanser or sunscreen at FACTORFIVE, both of those products are on the horizon. Until then, we recommend consulting with your esthetician or dermatologist about what cleanser or sunscreen is best for your skin type. However, we do believe that ANY sunscreen is better than no sunscreen.

Extra pro tips from Nicole: Warm up the products just a little with your fingertips or palm before spreading them onto your skin, and gently tap/press the products onto your skin for better absorption.

Now it’s time to go forth with your skincare regimen with confidence and bask in healthy, glowing skin!


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