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The Beginning of FACTORFIVE and Stem Cells in Skincare


Perhaps you are not really a “FACTORFIVER” yet, but you have chosen to read a blog post on stem cell science and skincare, so I like you already. I want to welcome you to this fascinating field of research. I hope you find the information within our blog to be helpful and empowering as you seek to understand stem cells and find effective skincare products and companies you can believe in.

To help introduce the promise of stem cell science, I want to share a quick anecdote…

The year was 1997. They cloned Dolly the Sheep, Steve Jobs returned to Apple, Tiger Woods had just won his first masters, and I graduated from Pleasant Valley High School, in Chico, California. Like all my friends, I wrote fond promises in year books to keep in touch, stay sweet, and never change. Then 20 years passed. In 2017, it was time for us to get together and see what kind of damage / good the time had done.

I was struck by how I felt, and how much I appreciated being among them again. I had known these people as kids. I remembered them with braces, ponytails, and pimples. They looked older, sure, but they looked happy. They smiled freely, laughed heartily, and listened generously. I loved the maturity and confidence they expressed. I noticed that I felt confident in my own skin too. I knew I was older, but I felt like I still looked like the best version of me. That feeling gave me a sense of calm which made me forget about my insecurities and be able to really be in the moment, catching up with old friends. It turned what could have been scary into a really positive experience. That is what FACTORFIVE feels like!

We made the world’s greatest skincare by being authentically scientific in our approach. Our results, which are unparalleled, speak for themselves. I invite you to fact check us on everything. Our work can stand up to the scrutiny. In the end, what you will find is a science that you can believe in and a product that will help you feel beautiful in your own skin too.


John Aylworth
Founder & CEO


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