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Splurge Worthy Skincare Gifts for Mother’s Day 2022

Mother’s Day is coming up quickly, and sure, you could go for the standard gift of flowers and breakfast-in-bed, but if you’re looking to really WOW mom this Mother’s Day, it might be time to opt for something a little more luxurious. We have the perfect gift idea.

FACTORFIVE is the only skincare company that uses adipose (fat) derived stem cells to create our star ingredient, human stem cell conditioned media. All of our stem cells come from young, healthy, consenting adults who have undergone lipoaspirate, and are thoroughly tested to ensure the best quality for optimal results.

Adipose derived stem cells (ADSCs) and the growth factors expressed by them are ideal for skincare, and with our very own FACTORFIVE biotech lab in sunny California, our scientists control each step of the process from the stem cell to your skin. Essentially, FACTORFIVE is biotechnology in a bottle. Impressive, right?

We’ve put together some splurge worthy skincare gifts to pamper mom with this Mother’s Day.

1. Improved Treatment Results

Post Treatment Kit

For the mom being treated to a professional skin treatment this year–Which, an esthetician visit is already the best kind of gift you can get–Make her recovery a breeze and boost results with the  FACTORFIVE post treatment kit. This kit has everything you need to help give you your best possible results, all while speeding up recovery time and helping to reduce treatment-related inflammation, redness, or irritation. Ideal for post laser, chemical peels, microneedling, plasma, and more. Ask your esthetician about FACTORFIVE post treatment kits.


2. The Only Serum She'll Ever Need

Our award-winning, do-it-all  regenerative serum is our number one seller for a reason. This serum combines top-notch ingredients that make any other serum a waste of space on your precious bathroom shelf. Our serum combines ethically derived human stem cell factors (1st ingredient!) with peptides, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, green tea extract, and more! This serum has been clinically validated and shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and hyperpigmentation and improve skin texture in as little as 4–6 weeks.


3. A Luxurious Hydration Boost

FACTORFIVE  anti-aging cream is specifically formulated to provide lasting hydration without leaving the skin feeling heavy or greasy. This lightweight moisturizer combines an array of moisturizing ingredients to plump the skin and lock-in beneficial ingredients for lasting results.


4. Reduced Crow's Feet & Long Lashes

An eye cream that does it all? Yes, please! FACTORFIVE  eye/lash cream is formulated and clinically shown to help reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, reduce puffiness and eye bags, all while safely enhancing your lashes and brows. Made for sensitive skin in mind, this eye cream is gentle enough for everyday use and will NOT change the color of your eyes. If you’re just looking for a little lash and brow boost, check out our lash/brow growth serum for longer lashes and thicker brows.


5. An Affordable At-Home Spa Day

No time for a spa day? No problem. Our  soothing facial mask features a powerful blend of adult human stem cell factors with nourishing, natural botanicals like aloe vera, green tea extract, peppermint and hemp seed oil to help soothe and replenish your skin in 10–15 minutes. No need to rinse! This luxurious facial mask is a great way to enjoy some “me” time without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Still not sure? We offer  gift certificates that go straight to mom's inbox. 


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