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Introducing NEW Gentle Gel Cleanser

New Year. New You. New Product!

At FACTORFIVE, we're thrilled to kick off the new year with a groundbreaking addition to our skincare lineup - the Gentle Gel Cleanser. Our advanced formula combines cutting-edge skincare technology with natural ingredients to provide a gentle yet effective cleansing experience. Unveil your skin’s true radiance with FACTORFIVE Gentle Gel Cleanser. Crafted with care and precision, our unique formula is designed to deliver a gentle yet thorough cleansing experience for all skin types.

The Science of Gentle Cleansing

Why is using a cleanser beneficial? It's the science behind it. Our formula harnesses the power of natural ingredients, to gently cleanse and nourish your skin. These ingredients work synergistically, ensuring a thorough yet gentle cleansing experience, leaving your skin ready to absorb the goodness of your skincare routine.

Unveiling Your Youthful Glow

Our Gentle Gel Facial Cleanser is not just a routine step; it's a key to unlocking your skin's youthful radiance. The proprietary formula delicately removes impurities, unveiling a complexion that exudes timeless beauty. Enriched with Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, known for its soothing and hydrating properties, this cleanser ensures a gentle touch that respects your skin's natural balance.

Hydration That Goes Deeper

Experience deep hydration that goes beyond the surface. Powered by Sodium Hyaluronate, our cleanser provides essential moisture, leaving your skin supple, nourished, and ready to face the day with confidence. Dive into the science of skincare as this ingredient works on a molecular level, ensuring hydration penetrates deep into your skin, keeping it plump and radiant.

Environmental Defense: Your Skin's Shield

In a world full of environmental stressors, your skin needs a guardian. Our Gentle Gel Cleanser is fortified with the potent antioxidant properties of Green Tea Extract, shielding your skin from external aggressors and promoting a healthy, radiant glow. Let this be your daily armor against pollution and UV rays, allowing your skin to breathe freely.

Soothing Sensation for Serene Skin
Say goodbye to irritated skin as our formula, enriched with Slippery Elm Bark Extract, works its magic. Restore your skin's natural balance, enjoy a soothing sensation, and embrace comfort like never before. This natural ingredient, known for its calming properties, ensures that your skin feels serene and refreshed after every use.

Your Daily Skincare Ritual Begins Here
Elevate your skincare routine in 2024. Start each day with the Gentle Gel Cleanser – your go-to choice for gentle yet effective cleansing. Powered by science and nature’s finest ingredients, this is where your journey to radiant skin truly begins. Make it a ritual, not just a routine, and watch as your skin transforms into a canvas of beauty.


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