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Healing, Skin Remodeling, and Skincare

Here at FACTORFIVE Skincare, we use adult Adipose Derived Stem Cells (ADSCs) not only because they are ethical, but because when it comes to skin renewal, they perform best.

Based on a huge body of research, we know that ADSCs assist in healing your skin. When your skin is damaged or injured (think a cut or scrape), ADSCs are your first line of defense, and begin communicating with local cells near the injured site to get them begin the repairing process.

They do this by sending out powerful proteins that “talk” to the cells, and let them know what needs to be done to heal the damage in the area. This includes things like modulating inflammation, collagen production, elastin formation, blood supply, and much more.

As the local cells read the protein signals, they engage in the various activities that make up the “healing process.” ADSCs and the growth factors expressed by them have consistently been shown to decrease and control inflammation while guiding and improving healing. It goes without saying that ADSCs are the preferred stem cell choice for wound healing and skin remodeling.

That’s how this relates back to skincare. Think of skin remodeling as the stimulation of new collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, important factors that naturally deplete as you age. New collagen and elastin = softer, smoother, and tighter skin. Softer, smoother, tighter skin = a more radiant appearance.


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