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Growth Factors and Skincare

By now you know that ADSCs express growth factors to help your  skin heal and remodel, but what is a growth factor? And where do growth factors come from?

Growth factors are naturally occurring proteins that communicate crucial messages to other cells and stimulate cell and tissue function.

Cells communicate with each other through a “language” of protein signals. One cell “speaks” by sending a signal out into the immediate area, and another cell “listens” when the signal, attached to its cell wall, deposits the contents of the message. 

This process is called paracrine signaling. There are thousands of protein carriers and signals being passed between each other in your body, all the time.  signal out into the immediate area, and another cell “listens” when the signal, attached to its cell wall, deposits the contents of the message.

Growth factors are some of the most potent of all the signals sent out. Growth factors are protein signals who possess an oversized ability to make changes in the “listening” cell.


In fact, scientists have linked growth factors to healthy cell function in:

    •  Producing collagen and elastin

    •  Promoting a healthy immune response to certain stimuli

    •  Healing cells

    •  Dividing cells

    •  Preventing scar tissue formation

    •  Restoring even coloration in skin

    •  Reducing unwanted inflammation

    •  Remodeling old and weak tissue into strong, vibrant tissue

    •  And more!



    It is difficult to overstate the role of growth factors as messages of skin health wherever they are applied. However, as we grow older, we experience a decline in the growth factor production and messaging within our cells. We need a way to get those powerful signals back!

    FACTORFIVE scientists work with the most active producers of growth factors in the human body, adult stem cells (ASCs). Through our process of growing and working with ASCs, we put them in an environment which gets them “speaking” by sending out a tremendous amount of growth factor signaling.

    We then collect those powerful growth factor signals and include them as the main active ingredient in all our products so that when you apply FACTORFIVE to your skin, it replenishes your diminished supply and enables your cells to “listen” and restart those important skin health processes. 

    This represents a 100% natural and biological way for your skin to return to vibrant health.


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