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Esthetician Spotlight: Kerry Beard, Owner of Spa Pellé

After experiencing adversity with her own skin, Kerry Beard was just 19 years old when she decided to use her experience to help others heal their skin by becoming an esthetician, and soon after starting her very own business.

“I became a licensed esthetician when I was 19, and moved pretty quickly into my own business when I was around 20 years old,” said Kerry. “I had really terrible acne as a teenager, and it carried on through my young adulthood which motivated me to help people with their own skin issues, and over the years it's evolved slowly into anti-aging. What I like to do is help people by healing their skin, that’s what I’m passionate about,"

Kerry is the owner of Spa Pellé in Solana Beach, California, which specializes in face and body polishing with the use of diamond microdermabrasion and growth factor treatments. Consistency is key–Kerry is creating a dependable professional treatment routine for her clients. Just like getting your teeth cleaned every 6 months, the skin gets polished every 6–8 weeks.

“All of my clients’ treatments are customized based on their skin type,” said Kerry. “I keep the treatments really simple and consistent; homeostasis is really important for the skin. Whatever’s working, you want to stick with that.”

After a series of stressful life events, Kerry’s skin developed signs of aging, and found that products that used to work for her skin stopped working. That inspired her to research new and innovative skincare products where she discovered growth factors.

“My skin aged overnight, and when I started using growth factors my skin really woke up,” said Kerry.

After trying out a couple of different growth factor skincare lines, Kerry discovered FACTORFIVE.

“I wanted to find a growth factor skincare line that was similar to what I was using before, but better. And I found that with FACTORFIVE,” said Kerry. “My clients are seeing more results with it. As we get older, our skin wants to go to sleep, essentially. Aging slows the process of our cell turnover, so that’s a process we need to speed up. That is what I like about FACTORFIVE, and it’s like fuel when used in addition to my treatments. Growth factors are phenomenal, and I stand by that.”

In addition to FACTORFIVE using growth factors, Kerry was also excited to learn that FACTORFIVE utilizes other extremely beneficial ingredients, like copper peptides.

“I was excited because it had the addition of peptides. I was nervous to switch over at first, but it has been a great decision for my business and my clients,” said Kerry.

From finding her passion in helping others by healing their skin at 19, starting a business at the young age of 20, to surviving COVID-19 lockdowns and continuing to live her passion, Kerry is definitely doing something right. We asked her what advice she would give to other estheticians:

“Stick with what works!” said Kerry. “Don’t feel like you have to reinvent things. If you find something that works, stick with it.”


About Spa Pellé

Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. We offer the latest in advanced techniques to achieve the best results. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

We get booked up quickly as our clients are committed to be on schedule. Once you have the opportunity to receive a custom treatment you will see why we are booked in advance with loyal customers. The results are real and our expectations are set with high integrity and realistic timelines! Kerry has provided and equipped a team of estheticians who are available for online booking.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

Spa Pellé

530 Lomas Santa Fe, suite M

Solana Beach, CA 92075



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