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Celebrating National Periodic Table Day! LN2 (Liquid Nitrogen) Edition

Hats Off to Science!
First and foremost, FACTORFIVE Skincare would not be possible without our amazing team of scientists who are breaking barriers when it comes to creating innovative skincare backed by empirical research and results. In this blog we cover the history of National Periodic Table Day, and how one of the elements, Nitrogen (N), plays an important, everyday role in the production of the skincare you have come to know and love.

An Ode To Dmitri Mendeleev

National Periodic Table Day is celebrated annually on February 7th, in honor of the birth of Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev, who is credited with creating the first periodic table of elements. Mendeleev's periodic table was based on the observation that elements with similar chemical and physical properties tended to occur at regular intervals when arranged in order of increasing atomic weight. He arranged the elements in rows and columns, grouping them according to their properties, and was able to predict the properties of as-yet-undiscovered elements based on their position in the table. Mendeleev's periodic table was published in 1869 and quickly became an important tool for chemists and scientists worldwide, providing a clear and organized way to understand the relationships between different elements.

The Role of Liquid Nitrogen and Our Products

Through our process of growing and working with adult stem cells (ASCs), we put them in an environment which gets them "speaking" by sending out a tremendous amount of growth factor signaling. We then collect those powerful growth factor signals and include them as the main active ingredient in all our products so that when you apply FACTORFIVE to your skin, it replenishes your diminished supply and enables your cells to "listen" and restart those important skin health processes.

One element that is often used in scientific research is liquid nitrogen (N2). Liquid nitrogen is a colorless, odorless, and extremely cold liquid that can reach temperatures of -196°C. It is often used to store biological materials, such as stem cells, because it can maintain a stable temperature for long periods of time without damaging the cells. Scientists use liquid nitrogen to store the stem cells because it can keep them in a state of suspended animation for long periods of time, preserving their viability and potential for use in future experiments.

Aside from celebrating the periodic table, the motivation behind this blog comes from being in the FACTORFIVE biotech lab a few weeks ago, when a new shipment of liquid nitrogen had recently arrived. Our team of scientists and CEO John were like kids in a candy store, so excited to show the stem cell media their new home. Watching our scientists pull the stem cells up out of the cloud of liquid nitrogen was like watching your high school chemistry professor conduct a super-cool experiment up close. 10/10 would recommend! 

Celebrate National Periodic Table Day At Home!

National Periodic Table Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the scientific advancements that have been made through the study of elements and their atomic structure. Liquid nitrogen is just one example of how elements can be used in innovative ways to advance scientific research and improve our understanding of the world. If you’re not a scientist, don’t worry–you can still celebrate! A fun, interactive way to celebrate (without blowing anything up) would be to play an online game right at home. Here are a few links to some periodic table games:


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