Animal Free

No animal derived stem cell cultures or testing - ever!

Ethical Adipose Stem Cells

Ethically human sourced stem cell cultures proven to be the most effective for all skin types.

No Harsh Ingredients

Free from parabens, mineral oil, sulfate, detergents, phthalates, urea, DEA, or TEA.

Made in the USA

Cultivated, created, manufactured, and lab-tested in the USA.

Our Science

"The entire process of producing FACTORFIVE formulations is based on leading-edge science. Each bottle contains the highest quality of rich, active proteins produced by ethically-derived adult stem cells, comprehensively targeting specific areas to deliver accelerated and robust results. "

Dr. Annie Bowles-Welch
Stem Cell Scientist


Backed by years of scientific research, FACTORFIVE is committed to providing you with the most cutting-edge and innovative skincare on the market. Human growth factors are essential to your skin’s appearance and health, and now their regenerative powers have finally been harnessed. Not only have we developed an exceptional skin serum, we continue to leverage the latest scientific discoveries to shape the future of aesthetics.

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