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What is PRP? AKA, the Vampire Facial

What is PRP? Of all the acronyms we hear on a daily basis, this one has received much attention in the regenerative medicine, dermatology, and aesthetics space. You might have seen it referred to as the vampire facial.

Before your PRP or vampire facial, a few vials of your own blood is drawn to obtain the PRP. After this, you receive a microneedling or microdermabrasion skincare treatment before your PRP is applied over your face like a serum. But why? What is the benefit?

PRP stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma, a component of your own blood that contains beneficial growth factors and proteins. To obtain PRP, a person has a few vials of their own blood drawn, which is then spun down at high speeds. Red blood cells are then collected at the bottom of the vials and the liquid on top is the PRP. Basically, PRP is everything that your blood consists of minus the red blood cells.

The textbook definition of PRP: Noun: Platelet concentrates from blood containing a high number of platelets in a low volume of plasma.

So what are platelets? Platelets are tiny cells that float around in our blood that release high amounts of growth factors upon injury in order to produce clots. They are our body’s first mechanism of healing. Most of these growth factors are specifically for helping the cells of the blood system, or the vasculature. The two main benefits of PRP are: 1) it is a product of your own body; and 2) it harnesses your natural mechanisms of healing. However, there’s a caveat (isn’t there always?). But first let’s talk about platelets in the context of natural healing (see Figure 1).

Think of our blood as the signaling highway of our body. Generally, injured cells from distant sites dump molecular signals (like an S.O.S.) that are carried via the bloodstream to the immune system or bone marrow where cells that can help are either a) recruited; or b) releasing growth factors that travel back to the site of injury to aid in healing.

For example, imagine you cut your hand; the dead and surrounding cells release signals that locally activate platelets in the blood that, in turn, release growth factors that induce blood cells to get sticky and quickly create a clot. Other signals travel farther through the blood to the immune system to recruit immune cells to the site to prevent infection. As most of you know, as we age we lose the capacity to heal quickly. It is suggested that the platelets lose their potency to produce growth factors leading to thinning blood, delayed clotting, and easy bruising.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide skincare with potent anti-aging results that are measurable and reproducible. Because skincare clients are of various ages, sexes, races, diets, exercise regimens, etc., it would be impossible to take someone’s blood, treat them with their PRP and expect the same results as the next person and their PRP.

The best alternative for every person regardless of their background or lifestyle is a super potent off-the-shelf product that was derived from a healthy, young individual that we can easily apply daily. Thankfully, we have  FACTORFIVE Skincare products.

Our human stem cell conditioned media formulation contains all of the growth factors found in PRP and more. And for added potency, our formulation is made from Adipose Derived Stem Cells (ADSCs) sourced from young and healthy individuals.

Simply put, FACTORFIVE Skincare products give your skin a natural daily super boost, giving you a healthy, youthful glow. So until we can immerse ourselves in the fountain of youth, a few pumps of FACTORFIVE will bring us close enough to dip our feet in. 


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