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What Are Stem Cells?

Today I am going to answer the first question many people have about FACTORFIVE Skincare, but are afraid to ask. What are stem cells?

Stem cells are special cells of the body which, in science terms, we refer to as undifferentiated. To be differentiated means to become a certain tissue type, like blood, bone, muscle, or fat. Because stem cells are undifferentiated, they have not become any tissue type yet. In that way, they are the most immature cells of the body but with the most potential.

Stem cells are present in our body throughout our lifespan. When some people typically think of stem cells, they immediately imagine fetuses or embryos. While there is such a thing as embryonic stem cells there are also other kinds, including a special kind called “adult” or mesenchymal stem cells. At FACTORFIVE, we only use ethically sourced adult stem cells from consenting tissue donors. Not only do adult stem cells keep us away from the ethical concerns of using human embryos for science, they are also ideal for our skincare formulations.

Let me explain.

To truly understand the power of stem cells, we need to clarify a common misconception. When stem cells were first discovered, we thought they were unique because they had the ability to differentiate and develop into all cell types of the body. But now we know that stem cells are even more powerful when we can harness the amazing signals they release in order to communicate with other cells.

You see in the body, stem cells “talk” to other cells using a diverse language of protein signals. So this means they are secreting, or releasing, hundreds of proteins like enzymes, anti-inflammatory factors, and growth factors. Stem cells “listen” to the cells around them and in turn release the bountiful and specific proteins that other cells need. In fact, stem cells largely direct many of the cellular processes happening in your bodies right now! They do all of this using protein signals.

Think of stem cells like conductors of an orchestra, and think of the other cells like instruments. The stem cell conductors “listen” to the music of the cellular instruments and direct their many sounds (speed, pitch, and strength) in a way that ultimately produces the right music, or in this case, maintains healthy tissues.

At FACTORFIVE, we harness the natural abilities of our stem cells and collect all those powerful protein messages. We then formulate those proteins into the most effective skincare line ever invented. Our product works so well because we are using the body’s natural signaling pathways to encourage your skin’s health, which ultimately leads to a more radiant and youthful appearance.

Not only do I love science, I love when others do too. Whether it’s science related or not, I’d love to hear from you. Email me at with any questions.


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